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Mouse Pointer mis-alignment in Ray-cloud

Hello all. I’m a first time poster. I hope you can help.

I have recently got a new computer setup to process Pix4D projects.

I have come up against a weird problem that Pix4D support say they have never seen.

In the ray cloud area, where you see the point cloud, GCP markers etc., the mouse pointer (arrow) and the highlighted pixel don’t align. When the mouse arrow is moved the highlighted pixel moves away from the arrow. It is always to the top and right of the arrow. When the arrow is at the centre of the ray-cloud the highlighted pixel has gone off the area to the very top right.

I have the same problem with two other monitors I borrowed but not with a third old Samsung display.

Windows 10 up to date… Old and new versions of Pix4D tested. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB. Graphics drivers up to date. BenQ GL2760 Monitor.

I have a you-tube video showing this problem. 

Can anybody help me with this one. As you can imagine, picking points in the cloud is very difficult and even rotating the cloud is difficult.

Thanks, Ber



I have also noticed this since upgrading to the latest version. 


Hello Dom.

Can I ask what model of monitor you use and was everything OK before the upgrade?

Pix4D support are blaming my monitor but I don’t think this is the issue.



Was this resolved, I have the same issue and would love to know what causes it.  

Here is a community post about the same issue with an answer: SERIOUS Mouse Misalignment/Calibration “Ray-cloud Anomalies”.

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