Model Distortion

I have a project that was flown with Drone Deploy / Terrain Awareness on. In the attached image you can see that the blue and green dots are very different.

. How can I correct this. It appears as though the image is rapid around a ball.



Hello Kevin,

Would you please add the quality report?


I’ve attached the report, thanks.


Hwy 370 to Cornhusker_report.pdf (118.2 KB)

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for uploading the quality report.

We found bugs on version 4.6.3 of Pix4Dmapper regarding the horizontal and vertical accuracy. Apologize for any inconvenience caused.

If it is possible, would you please process it using version 4.5.6 with the 3D Maps template and mark the GCPs to achieve the best accuracy? You can download 4.5.6 from here and find information here about Software Download and Installation.

For more information about the bugs, please visit
The horizontal and vertical accuracy values are not being read correctly
Vertical offset for projects in feet.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you so much Yuka, however I was using a trial version that is no longer licensed, and no longer have a way to process the dataset. Management is going to purchase the software but I’m not sure of the time frame. Thanks again.


Hello Kevin,

That is great to know. Thank you!