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blue and green dots are not together after processing

 Hi there, 

I have run image in large scale >2000 images for a river survey. I have loaded all the images all at once with the flight plan using Pix4D capture. and DJI Phantom 4 advance. All the elevation I set up to 80 meters height. after the processing I have some sections jumped with some of the blue and green dots are not in the same position. is there any alternatives to bring back blue and green dots together into its “correct” position? how would I solve this?

Dear Jose

That looks like a very interesting project! My initial suggestion would be to set the Internal Parameter Optimization to AllPrior (Processing Options > 1. Initial Processing > Calibration > Camera Optimisation >  Internal Parameter Optimization) and re-run initial processing.

We have noticed this issue in the past with perfectly nadir flights and flat terrains. The AllPrior option relies more on the initial camera positions (blue dots) during optimization and hence it would set the computed positions (green dots) to where they should be i.e. the blue dots. 

Hope this helps. We would be keen to know if this fixes your issue.

Best regards



Dear Amritha,

Thanks for the information and suggestion. I follow the instruction and it works perfectly the noisy images. 


appreciate your help