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Mission won't upload to Parrot Anafi Thermal


I have downloaded the P4D Capture updated software and still, over the course of 3 weeks of attempts with 2 different Parrot Anafis, an Android cell phone and an iPad, have been unable to get away from the “Mission not Uploaded to Drone” error.

In some cases I’ve gotten it to work, but the vast majority of the time, with every combination of the devices mentioned above, it has been unsuccessful. I’ve lost out on a lot of productive time due to this error, please let me know if anything can be done about this.

Of the troubleshootings steps I’ve attempted:

  • restarting every device
  • uninstalling / resinstalling Pix4D AND Parrot Free Flight on both devices
  • closing Pix4D, opening Free Flight, launching in Free Flight, closing Free Flight, resuming in Pix4D
  • launching without involving FF
  • changing Preset settings in FF to Slow
  • wifi on / off
  • manual launch of drone and then starting mission once launched
  • MANY calibrations of both drones
  • deleting all missions and starting mission over
  • starting new mission block within existing mission
  • eliminating KML from mission
  • varying altitude settings
  • creating mission block extremely close to Ground Control location
  • probably more steps that I’m forgetting

Please let me know how I can go about uploading a mission to the Parrot Anafi

Hello @ftalton,

The behavior you are describing can’t be replicated on our side and has not been reported to us so far. If you are using the recent update of Pix4Dcapture 4.10.0 and drone wireframe to 1.7.3 or higher, you should not have any issue.

Also, you need to have a good satellite connection before you upload the mission. The poor satellite numbers will result in failure to upload the mission.

If you follow the above two checklists and the troubleshooting article, you should be able to upload the mission. If this doesn’t solve your issue, can you forward the logfile?

Hello Kapil,

  • FW 1.7.6
  • P4D 4.10.0

I’ve had no issues with GPS connectivity, always green in both P4D and in Free Flight.

Sometimes it will give all Green Light on the preflight checklist, but when I take off, it gets 20ft away and the preflight checklist reappears with the Red X next to Mission Uploaded to Drone. Whatever the specifics, it has failed to begin a mission in every case.

Attached are 10 different logs from both drones (Anafi and Anafi Thermal).

Can you follow the steps explained in the below support article to extract the log file?

(Android) How to extract the log files

For iOS device, Connect your device to the iTunes >> Your device(1)> File Sharing(2) >> Pix4Dcapture(3)>>LogFile(4)>>Save(5).

Here you go

Hello @ftalton,

After looking at the log file, there is not any clear indication that shows the cause of the issue that you are having. The issue is while transferring the mission from the mobile device to the drone. If possible can you try to install the Pix4Dcaptuer on a different device? It can be an android or an iOS device.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in the initial post, I have the same issue on both an iPad and an Android.

Today my flights were successful, so the issue continues to be sporadic.