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Merging projects with arbitrary systems only

I am trying to merge 2 projects with artbitrary system and have a problem with it.
The project is a 3d model of a real model od real estate building and area. Photos have been taken twice with Canon 6D with two different lenses, but still of all the same model.
2 separate projects are prepared, in first there are 200 MTP nad 50 surfaces (550 photos), in the second project (1100 photos) 7 MTP - the same names as in project 1.
I am trying to merge it, but it doesn’t work - photo below.
is it possible to merge projects with arbitrary systems and MTP?


Hi Adam,

You should be able to merge the projects with two different image acquisition type. To do so, I would recommend you to go through our support article on How to merge projects. Along with this, I would suggest you to have only 4-5 mtps which are clearly visible on both of the projects.