Merging Projects Error: No Cameras/not enough 3D points

I was trying to merge two projects,  they were subsets of the two flights of the same area, coordinate systems the same, height above the ellipse was entered and the same;  The GCPs are common between projects for the most part; Flight 1 used we’ll say GCPs 1-7, Flight 2 used GCPs 3-6, both were georef and reoptimized;  I had thought maybe it was due to using some of the GCPs in flight 1 as checks when they were being used as 3D in flight 2, but got the same error when I switch everything to 3D points.  Any thoughts?  At this time I’m presently just reprocessing the merged project and will re-optimize with the GCPs.  Which leads to a follow up question, could a guy not initial process two flights, merge them, then georef, or do the two subsets always need to be georef prior to the merge.

here’s the message from the log;

[Processing]: Initialize automatic tie points.
[Processing]: Building automatic tie points.
[Error]: No calibrated cameras.
[Error]: InitialProcessing: cannot compute the mean resolution. Not enough calibrated 3D points.
[Processing]: Substep Report generation started.
[Processing]: Read keypoints.
[Warning]: Failed to read uncertainty data from C:/Users/RS i7/Documents/pix4d/180311_DitchLake/18311_DitchLake/1_initial/project_data/result_uncertainties_absolute_full_1.p4b
[Warning]: Failed to read uncertainty data from C:/Users/RS i7/Documents/pix4d/180311_DitchLake/18311_DitchLake/1_initial/project_data/result_uncertainties_relative_full_1.p4b

Hello Derek,

It would be useful to get the following information:

  • Which version of the software are you using? There were some issues with older versions when merging projects

  • The complete log file

  • Quality Report of the two projects you want to merge

  • Description of the computer that you are using


Thank you very much.