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Merge DSM tiles failed

[2017.02.03 19:26:13][72%RAM][19%CPU][Error]: Error e9036: GDAL error <1> TIFFAppendToStrip:Write error at scanline 14992

My Process 3 failed to continue along the way with Merge DSM tiles failed.
I came across the error e9036 code but the log also indicates it went ahead to merge some of the tiles to a point. What do I do?


could you please check the available disk space of the device you write the results? Additionally, you should check the available RAM resources, especially for large projects. 

You could possiby try to process a smaller area, creating a processing area, to see if you will still face the same issue. In case that you do not face any problem when processing a smaller area you can maybe process the images in sub-projects and merge them later. For more information about how to process a large dataset you can take a look at the following link:


I have the same problem. Please help me with this problem. I’ve tried with small amount of images, but it still end up with the same problem. My desktop spec doesnt seems to be the problem because it passed all the minimum criteria. My free disk space more than 100gb, and the RAM that I used is 64GB ddr4 ram.

Hi @kamarul,

Could you share here with us your Quality Report as well the .log file so we could investigate the problem?

Thanks in advance!