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Measurements disabled on non geo-referenced sites or models.

I understand the “liability” of providing measurement for non-georef. models but,
if we take the time to set scales based on know site obtained dimensions, why can’t we have dimensions. 

We do not often geo-refence our capture (depends on project and other factors outside the scope of this post). But we need to be able to share a model via the web with the client and project team and we expect that they will be able to add notes and extract measurements.

Is there a work around at the present time, can I add “fake” dummy GCP somehow?

This is a good point. I will bring it up to the team this week to discuss what is doable.


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Thank you , please keep us posted.

Hi Cesar,

Your feature request of being able to enable measurement is now on our roadmap for Q1 2018. That will also include the ability to set the projection manually. For example, this will let you specify whether the model is making use of the metric or imperial system.




Amazing, thank you P4D and @Oliver 

Hi guys, any updates on this?