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Annotations and CAD Overlays are not being saved

This just started happening where none of my annotations, measurements, or cad overlays resizing is being saved to any of my projects.  Anyone else having this problem? 

Hi Christopher,


Thanks a lot for reporting the issue here.

I just tested and I can confirm the issue.

We are reverting the changes that introduced this defect.


I’ll keep you posted



Hi Christopher,


Looking more into details, it seems this issue arises when a project is not properly georeferenced. In those cases, when drawing an annotation, the following message appears in the right panel:
“This project is not properly geo-referenced, therefore measurements might not be accurate”

Can you confirm that your project has the same message displayed when you start drawing an annotation?


We will look into why those projects are causing the issue during office hours. If your project does not mention the same message, please ping me again.




Hello. Yes, I noticed that even though we used ground control in all projects… it says it is not properly geo-referenced.  We always use GCP’s… and locally run step 1 on the desktop… once results look good… we then upload to the cloud. this has worked for months… just the past 3 project over the past 2 weeks or so… this started happening… 

Good news, the fix about the annotation not saving has landed on production.


We will also have a look at why your project appears not geolocalised.

Thanks again for reporting the issue!



Hi Olivier, 

Thanks for the response.  Please note, I just look at the quality report on each of my 3 uploaded projects and they indicate the use of GCP’s but still the portal says they are not georeferenced.