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Cloud Annotations panel not updating


Recently the annotation display panels in the cloud service do not update when different annotations are clicked. The measurement value changes but the annotation title stays the same. A client raised this issue with me. See pictures attached. This happens in both Map and 3D.

Also, in a future release would it be possible to turn on and off annotations individually. If I have a site area marked for the complete area then any other annotations  are hidden behind this full area and difficult to see.


Keep up the good work.

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Dear Bernard,

Thank you so much for reporting this issue. We are fixing it today.

I also added your feature request to our list: being able to hide annotation in order to see the ones that are below.

Best regards



Hello. Thanks for the quick fix. It’s working now.

Kind regards



Dear Bernard,


You are welcome. Thank you again for pointing us to this issue!


Best regards,