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Maximum waypoints

Hello, I was doing a double grid job, and the app said that the grid exceeded the number of waypoints, showed a warning saying that the drone could only save 100 waypoints … how can I solve this problem?

DJI Drones have 99 waypoint limit. You can reduce the size of the grid and fly multiple missions or you can enable fast mode. In safe mode flight planning software creates waypoint every time it changes flight parameters (ex. stops/ changes flight direction). The limit is 99.

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Thank you very much

Interesting. Never heard of this before, good to know. Is this dependent on the app OS? or just that DJI thing.

As Jaakko already mentioned, this is a limitation on the DJI side and it is the same on Android and iOS.

If the are is large in size, plan a polygon mission in one flight direction and then save it.  Go to the project list and make a “duplicate” of the mission.  Then, change the flight paths to be perpendicular to the original project!