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Maximum Waypoints - DJI Phantom 4 Pro

What is the maximum number of waypoints / photos that can be acquired with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro on the iOS app?


Hi Dave,

There is no direct limitation in the number of images or the maximum number of waypoints that can be set in the iOS app.

The number of the images you will be able to acquire and the number of the waypoints (flight lines) mostly depend on your drone battery life and the settings you use with the app, e.g. height of the flight, overlap.


Very good. Thank you!

I’m noticing about a 33 line limit for the p4p. I’m guessing that is a function of the 99 way point limits? 3 points per line? Start, Stop, Turn? It sure doesn’t like big projects…


You are right about the 99 waypoints limit for DJI drone. DJI’s SDK does not allow third-party applications, including Pix4Dcapture, to upload more than 99 waypoints at the same time.

When flying in Safe Mode, every image requires a waypoint so you will reach this 99th waypoints restriction as soon as your project will include more than 99 pictures to acquire. But when you fly on fast mode, only 2 waypoints are uploaded per flight lines so technically you should be able to have more than 33 flight lines.

In the meantime, possible workarounds you can consider include :

  • Planning a smaller mission and/or decreasing the amount of image overlap so that the mission does not include more than 99 waypoints limitation.
  • Tapping Pause and then _Resume _in Pix4Dcapture when your drone stops during the mission so that Pix4Dcapture can upload the next set of waypoints.
  • Switching from Safe Mode to Fast Mode. Fast Mode does not rely on waypoints to trigger the camera so you can fly more flight lines before exceeding the 99 waypoint limit.


Is a “turn” not a “waypoint”? (I have noticed that in the ios version it spins as it moves from ends to starts of flight lines, android used to stop,turn,move,turn,go)

No safe mode for me, I’m averaging about 500 shots per battery at 300ft. works great.

Still…back on subject, lets be able to name our projects and import kmls!



Hi Graham, 

It is based on the waypoint, not the turn. You could technically have 49 flight lines in the fast mode. I would recommend following the above workarounds for more flight lines. 

Recently, the feature of renaming the project is not available, a lot of users has requested this feature and we have been working on it, but I can’t provide the specific timeline for the feature to be released.

If you are using Android you can import .kml file following the steps explained in the article (Android) How to import .kml/.kmz file. However, the iOS device doesn’t support this feature. There are some workarounds to change the background maps.