Capture Pro waypoint limitation on Phantom 4 Pro

Capture Pro fails to upload mission with more than 100 waypoints to DJI Phantom 4 Pro ver 1, but old Capture version will do a large mission by saying “not uploaded” while the checklist completes, if I cancel and restart after all checkmarks except mission upload are green— then the mission upload is apparently complete and allows takeoff. If there is a 100 waypoint limit, it apparently just uploads enough more with each battery change on a 6 battery mission.

If my thinking about waypoint limits is correct, I wish Capture Pro worked the same way.

To deal with the waypoint limitation on large missions, the Capture Pro planning process allows multiple missions within a single plan where all the missions are shown on the plan, making it relatively easy to generate multiple missions with fewer than 40-49 flight lines that line up parallel with each other and are accurately offset. This makes it possible to design and fly a 6 battery or more large coverage plan.