Matic Cameras are not aligning with a base map

I am using pix4mapper to work on our single flight path line, we are a pipeline inspection company. In my project am running 2000 image per project sometimes am facing problem with the position of cameras so I split the project in 2 and everything runs smoothly (maybe its a single flight line when I split it it works fine).

While using Matic am always having the cameras perpendicular to the base map and I cant find a way to make it parallel .

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It is highly likely this is due to the single flight path. A single flight line can cause this type of issue. It is still recommended when inspecting a linear project like this, at least two flight lines but three is recommended.

For more information: Image Acquisition Plan Type- Corridor mapping

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@tabiyounes could you please share a screenshot of such a problematic project? e.g. the one from PIX4Dmapper and the issue you have in PIX4Dmatic. Also, could you please share more information on the processing templates you’ve used in PIX4Dmatic? For corridor processing, I would recommend the “Nadir” template.

Hi again I tried sending you more than one screenshot didnt work.

In those screenshots my cameras must be rotating 90 degrees to be parallel with the base map.

Hi @tabiyounes, as mentioned in the previous posts, here is what we recommend:

For the current project
In PIX4Dmapper, select the “3D Maps” processing options template. It seems that you managed to get an expected result by splitting the project in two. In that case, you can consider processing step 1 separately then merging the projects.
In PIX4Dmatic, select the “Nadir” processing options template.

For future projects
Fly at least two flight lines. A single flight line is not recommended because there is generally insufficient overlap to guarantee an accurate reconstruction, meaning that there might be issues with orienting, and/or positioning, and/or scaling the project.
If two flight lines are not possible, ensure you increase you image overlap to at least 85%.
In any case, using GCPs is highly recommended for corridor projects.
You can find our recommendations in this article section.