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Flight line darkness


I am using a M300RTK with a TrueView 515 3DIS. This system has 2 oblique oriented cameras (+/-25degrees port and starboard) to collect lidar and imagery concurrently. This is a full PPK system with survey grade IMU where I can export a photo package to Pix4D with everything in EXIF data.

I have been using the 3D maps template in mapper and also processed on the cloud (with same results) and have no issues with calibrating images. The EXIF data has the camera calibration parameters embedded. I have great overlap (per QC Report), but my 2D keypoint matches look awful. Please see attached quality report.

I assume the dark lines I see very visible in the Ortho at each side of flight lines is related to the poor keypoint matches? Perhaps you can see a setting that I’m using that causes this darkness? Thanks very much.Bradly LF_10192021_UAS_report.pdf (1.6 MB)



2 days and no response from Pix4D support?!?

Hello Michael, You have two cameras which are not processed as a rig, this might be the reason for the issue. They are processed separately as a different project inside one project and the alignment of the generated map is not perfect. So, I would suggest you process two cameras separately and then merge them to see if you still get a similar issue. For more information on the merging projects visit the below link.

For quicker response, if you have a valid license with support and updates, then you contact us directly using personal ticket here.