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Maps for my area out of date?

I lived in the UK

I don’t know if Ive perhaps missed something but I wanted to scan a feature in a park today but the satellite map is one that is from about 2 years ago before the feature existed.  Is there a way to update my maps manually?  I was forced to try to estimate where the feature was bt I didn’t get any images anyway…I’ve logged that problem already



Hi Chris

There is a possibility to change the map provider and to import your custom base maps in the Android version of the app.

You can import the .kml and .kmz file in the app which will allow you to use, e.g. polygon that represents the boundary of the area or your custom base map of the area. More information can be found here:–  

More on how to change the base map provider:

You can also try to see if the new feature is documented in the street base map since it can be sometimes more up to date than the satellite.

The map provider for the iOS version is MapKit. In case that the map is outdated we need to wait for them to update them.