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Mapping with AEB

Hi guys

Has anyone here tried doing a mapping with the AEB mode on one of the DJI’s?

My reason for wanting to do this is: I have a lot of changing light conditions on the construction site. So I can’t see the bottom of a dug out trench or loose a lot of detail on the shadow side of a building. I was hoping the AEB function could give me some more detail and precision?

I tried not long ago and it failed, it took pictures very randomly along the course and was completely unusable. So I just cancelled the mission, because I didn’t have the time to change settings and try again. Any ideas?

I have never tried this but wondering if it would work.  If you batch edited the dark photos in photoshop (ie shadows/highlights) and then restored the original EXIF data back to the images after they were edited, then it may process them ok??   I found this link for restoring original EXIF data back to edited images.


One solution is fly slower and shoot raw. Phantom 4 Pro needs ~3-4 seconds to write raw files so calculate your maximum flight speed and you are good to go. All you need is a flight planning software that allows you to manually choose raw capture (IOS: Map Pilot, Android: Drone Harmony just to name few).  You can pull so much more information out of dark areas when you have raw-files. Edit pictures in lightroom and export as jpgs. You can save orginal EXIF-data to exports.