Mapping software for DJI M3M

Wondering if there’s anyone out there experienced with the M3M’s RTK for precision survey mapping. What software are you using or would you recommend for this application? Mainly focused on precision grading for agricultural drainage.

Thanks in advance.

We have very good results for the M3M RTK with PIX4Dfields with accuracy between 1cm - 5cm when mesured against GCPs.
It depends a bit how much Quality Control you need, as PIX4Dfields does not have the Option to use GCPs to correct the data.

If you want to be on the save side and intend to work with GCPs anyway you could also look at PIX4Dmatic. In any case it depends on your specfic requirements, usually the results are very precise with PIX4Dfields but you have no control over it as its a fire and forget solution.