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Improving Measurement Accuracy with M300 RTK


I’m looking to use the DJI M300 RTK in conjunction with Pix4Dmapper to take accurate measurements at different sites. For example, maybe measuring the distance from the edge of a rooftop to some equipment. I was curious about what I can do to increase the accuracy of these measurements as much as possible. Like if the distance I measure with a measuring tape is 2ft, what can I do to get pix4dmapper to measure as close to 2ft as possible? I will note that many sites are completely inaccessible, and requires flying hundreds to thousands of feet away, so placing any GCPs or scale constraints on the site itself would be basically impossible. Would the RTK functionality of the drone help with this? And if so, is the network one sufficient or would a D-RTK 2 ground station be most recommended?

Thank you!

Is the RTK on the M300 used for photo geotags or just navigation? If it’s used for geotagging you should be able to get very good accuracy. But if the RTK is only used for navigation, then you would need to add GCPs to your project.

The Phantom RTK is specifically designed for mapping. I’m not sure about the M300.

You’ll need a base station for the RTK to work. Without it you only have one gps signal which results in only a couple of meters of accuracy. With a base station you can get centimeter level accuracy needed when not using GCP’s. I strongly recommend having some kind of QAQC on the ground to confirm accuracy.