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Is there absolute accuracy difference between phantom4RTK and matrice 300 RTK?

My question is same with the title. Is there absolute accuracy difference between phantom 4 RTK and matrice 300 RTK?
If I use two camera on top and bottom of matrice 300 RTK, it could be more accurate?
DJI tells they have same accuracy, but I want to know your experience and I think it can’t be exact same.

Thanks for your time:)

The positional accuracy of the P4 RTK and the M300 RTK should be exactly the same. If you are interested in the accuracy of the model then it will depend on what sensor you mount to the M300. The P4 RTK has a 20mp camera. If you compare this to the P1 with a 48mp sensor then it should create a more accurate model since the GSD would be lower, all things being equal.

Then, I should try to use P1. Thank you for your answer.