Mapper Pro data to Ag version

If multispectral Sequoia-data is processed with Pix4D mapper pro, is it possible to open it afterwards with a license of Pix4D Ag? Maybe you must first convert it to this version but hope it works…?

Hey Yves,

If you processed a project with Pix4D Mapper Pro, you can open them using the Pix4D Ag you don’t need to convert it. 

Thanks for answering Selim Erguden!

And then, you can use all options in the Ag-version for further processing? 

Hey Yves,

You should be able to use all the options available to Pix4D Ag-version so you wouldn’t be able to generate DSM’s. 

Hi Yves,

Selim is right you can perfectly open a project produced by Pix4Dmapper with Pix4Dag. However please note that the use of Pix4Dag does not allow you to produce DSM nor visualize or edit the produced orthomosaics in the software. Indeed, this solution has been developed for the production and analysis of reflectance and index map in the Index Calculator.

For more information on how to use the Index Calculator, have a look at this article.

Thanks Selim and Margaux!