Reflectance Maps are empty, but DSM looks good (Parrot Sequoia, Pix4dMapper Desktop)

Pix4dMapper 3.2.23

Parrot Sequoia camera

Hi fellow travelers, 

I have used Pix4d extensively and mapped a particular farm many times over. On a particular day, surveys of the a familiar farm almost all output empty reflectance maps; this was in contrast to many other days and many other surveys of the same farm.

  • Geometric calibration looks good (Step 1)
  • Report seems to look good
  • DSM looks good

Calibration looks good


Reflectance files have no data:


DSM look fine:





Hi William,

That’s certainly interesting! Can you file a support ticket and upload the images to the cloud ( Also, mention the link of the cloud project in your ticket. We had an issue with imagery in 8-bit format from Sequoia. However, the bug was fixed in 3.2.17. Also, this might be related to overexposed pixels. 

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