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Map Not Available

I get an emailed that my map has finished processing.  I go to the map area and it says “map not available”.  What am I doing wrong?  I did a smaller project before I went to the field and it worked like a charm.  I’m just back to Pix4D after a year of leave and am thinking this must be a rookie mistake…anyone?  Many thanks ahead of time.

Hi Lori,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into issues with your first project back after a break.

Looking at your Pix4D projects on line, I can see that you created two projects titled Area 1 Area D 001 (set all) and (set all Good) on Saturday with 900 images in each (and an empty project called Project_2018_06-23).  It appears that each of the Area 1 Area D001… projects processed.  Review of the quality report shows this as a project captured with a MicaSense RedEdge camera. I don’t believe that Pix4Dmapper interface is optimized for showing vegetation index data (thus no Map showing).  Some of you earlier projects were processed as Ag Projects, but your submissions from Saturday are listed as Pix4Dmapper Pro projects.  Pix4D just released a new Pix4Dfields platform that you may wish to checkout if you are attempting to map agriculture fields with a multispec camera like the RedEdge.  You can also setup your project via desktop with a different Processing options Template, such as AG RGB or review theindex settings on the MicaSense support page.