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Make cloud navigation controls same as desktop version.

Why are the navigation controls like rotation and pan not the same in the cloud and desktop? The desktop version is the most intuitive set of controls. Can you please change this in the cloud or at least allow that setting to be changed?

Hey Tylor,

thanks for your feedback! I will share it with the cloud Team for future developments.


Has any progress been made on this? 

Hi Tylor,

Thanks for bringing up the topic again. Currently, there are no plans to adjust the UI of our Cloud product. We haven’t received this type of request from any other user, therefore this change won’t be implemented unless we see this is a common need. I hope it makes sense to you. We welcome your feedback and consider carefully every received request, though. 

I agree with Tylor. This seems like a small oversight that will provide for a more cohesive environment.

I agree with Tylor. Everything should be standard across the desktop/cloud workflow…

Thanks @Jared and @Chris for your feedback as well.