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Lost Parrot Drone


I lost my drone on a pix4d mission. Is there any way of obtaining the last GPS coordinates recorded so that I can go hunt for it?

Pix4Dmapper.log (13.7 KB)
pix4dcapture.log (1.3 MB)

Thanks in advance!

I am sorry to hear about what happened.

We can try checking the log files, but cannot guarantee that the position will be there. Are you using Android or iOS?

Please have a look at this article to extract the files


(Android, iOS) How to extract the log files


Hi, thanks for your fast reply. I attached the files to the previous message. My Pix4d folder does not have a ctrl_dji.log file and nothing is found from a search in the device.

Thank you for you help and I look forward to receiving the last GPS coordinates.

Hi @Nikoleta_Dimopoulou ,

Have you had any success retrieving the last GPS coordinates?

Many thanks in anticipation.


The last location recorded in the log file is this one: -43.43457833333264 146.9045326666665
Keep in mind that the last recorded position might not be the last position of the drone if the connection was interrupted at some point.

I hope this information proves helpful and best of luck.