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PIX4D Capture - Coordenadas Mavic 2

Buenas tardes. Por razaones de mantenimiento, me gustaría conocer las últimas las últimas coordenadas registradas. Tenemos el Pix4Dcapture logs. ¿podría enviarles el fichero?. Gracias


We would be able to find the last coordinates of your drone before the connection was lost. It may help you to find it back.
I will be glad to help you find your drone. To get the latest GPS coordinates recorded, you can go through this procedure and send us the relevant file:

  • With a file manager, go in the Pix4D folder and open the project folder you were flying while the issue occurs. (ex: Project 3).
  • Open the mission folder (ex: Mission 1).
  • In this folder, you should find a file called Mission 1.gpx or flightLogs.csv.
    Analyzing this file, we will be able to get the last GPS coordinates recorded by our application. As a side note, if the connection between the drone and remote controller was lost and the drone continued to fly, we will only be able to see the last coordinate when the connection was established.
    Keep in mind that the last recorded position might not be the last position of the drone if the connection was interrupted at some point.


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