Loss of scale - Export of Matic .LAS to Cloud Compare

I use Pix4d for vehicle crash reconstruction. I started with Mapper and now use Matic due to its LiDAR integration when processing projects from the ViDOC.

Post processing, I import Pix deliverables in to Virtual Crash. Since Vcrash does not import .LAS/.LAZ I’m trying to import the .LAS file from Matic in to Cloud Compare and the export a .xyz file from Cloud Compare to import to Vcrash. This process works but not without a major issue.

When I measure in Matic after processing is complete, the project is to scale. GCP targets measured on scene and in Matic match and the length/width of the vehicle is accurate.

When I import to Cloud Compare the same measured points are a lot smaller. Ie/; vehicle length is 4 ft vs 15 ft. and same when imported the exported .xyz from Cloud Compare to Vcrash

Does anyone know how I can retain the scale from Matic to Cloud Compare?

I’m not sure how to retain the scale from Matic to CloudCompare, but I will look into adding the .xyz export directly in PIX4Dmatic, so that you do not have to do this workaround anymore.

That would be amazing and really useful for anyone using Matic and Virtual Crash from vehicle crash reconstruction.

Looking forward to it

@Jason_Zier the .xyz export was added in PIX4Dmatic version 1.50: Download PIX4Dmatic photogrammetry software