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LAS file to Cyclone

 When importing LAS files generated from Pix4D into Cyclone, the files alway import in metric units instead of US survey feet. Can you tell us what setting(s) need to be changed in order for the LAS file to be in US survey feet?

Thanks, Warren

Pix4Dmapper exports the outputs in the selected output coordinate system

  1. you need to make sure that the correct output coordinate system has been selected in Pix4Dmapper
  2. you need to make sure that the units in Cyclone are set correctly (unfortunately, I do not have experience with Cyclone)

hope it helps :slight_smile:

I use XYZ to go into Cyclone and it works just fine so that would be my recommendation.


You Cyclone guys!

@Adam: Thanks for sharing your experience!

Cyclone support suggested exporting the LAS out of Pix4D in metric units and let Cyclone convert it to feet. That did work.