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I want to process and register my point cloud data to the Massachusetts State Plane coordinate system,  in US survey feet. However I want to export the registered file in meters.

Can anyone help me with this




Are you talking about registering the point cloud to GCPs? The image coordinate system, the GCP/MTP coordinate system, and the output coordinate system can all be different. The units of the point cloud and all the outputs are defined by the output coordinate system selected. If the units of the coordinate system is meters, then all the outputs will be in meters. You can have a look at this:

Let me know if that answers your question, would be happy to help.



You could always open it in Global Mapper in State Plane and then change your coordinate system to meters and export it as a new las file.

Or why not just convert your GCP’s to meters and process in Pix4D in meters?

If you are really stuck i could convert it for you…


Tim Bennett

Hi. If you converted the GCPs into meters would you be using an arbitrary coordinate system?