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Coordinate system of .las file?

I have uploaded a set of geotagged images to Pix4D mapper cloud. In the online viewer, I can see that the 3D reconstruction of the property is set at the correct GPS location.

I now need to get the digital elevation model of my map. For this I have downloaded the .las file. I can parse it with my own C++ parser or look at it with

I’m confused about the coordinate system of the data points. They are around 459262.316139 5245125.344528, 565.579197, whereas the GPS coordinates should be around 47.35, 8.46, 500.0 (very roughly).

How do I convert what I am getting from the .las file to LLH?

Some posts on here mention setting the right coordinate system for exporting, however I don’t see any such option in the cloud version of Pix4D mapper.


Hi Nick, This might be relevant to you:, To get the output in the coordiate system , you want, you will need to define the output coordinate system (select in Pix4D desktop) and the upload from desktop:

Very helpful, thanks!

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Is there a way of seeing in which UTM zone the points are in the .las file?

You can see it in the quality report.