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.LAS fail to Import into Cyclone Viewer

I have been trying every method I can find to import the .las file into Cyclone Viewer using a variety of settings for both the output system and the settings in Cyclone without success. I updated to Cyclone 9.2 and there was no change. Is there any reason that I should not be able to import the .las file into a model space directly? I have converted it into a .pts file in another software and was able to load that into the Viewer, but I lost the RGB values for all the points when I loaded the cloud into Viewer and then into IMS Maps360.

Hi William,

Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with Cyclone and we do not have any reported issues with our .las file. Let´s see if other users have any insights :slight_smile:
I would recommend you to also contact the Cyclone´s support team providing them with the las file. I would be very interested in their answer.