load pix4d without image

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                      Unforunately i lost the raw images of processed pix4d. When i try to load the pix4d It is asking to load the images. I want open the processed pix4d file without image. Is it possible to open pix4d wihtout loading the images.,

Kindly find the attachment


Unfortunately, you need the images to open the project.

If you did the process already you will have the result in the folders as described here.


But i want to export the pointcloud data and process the dem

Pix4D always uses the link to the original images since they are necessary for the generation of the outputs. You can find more about when the images are called and needed by looking at the log file. 

Hence as Daniel mentioned you will always need the original images that you used to create the project whenever you open the project. 




I have a question. I have deleted pix4D file, but i have all the other files described. How to open a finished project without pix4D file?

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Unfortunately, to open a project, you need the project file (.p4d); however, if you just need to check the results, you can get it from the folder. For more information, please go to

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I noticed there are copies of all the images in the ‘normalized’ subfolder of the project folder. If you don’t have the original images, couldn’t you just make a copy of this folder and then repoint the project to get the normalized version of the images without having to download and organize all the original images just like they were organized at time of processing?

Hello Jeff, That is not possible. You need to have the original images to be able to the project.