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Downloaded cloud processed project - where are the original photos?

Pix4D just like the title says, I was only able to find the “thumbnails” folders. Are the original photos used for the reconstruction no downloaded as well?
I started the project in the desktop application, then uploaded it and started the processing online. As I wanted a point cloud I downloaded it. but I noticed the images where of low resolution. This is what lead to further exploration and I noticed the original photos are not downloaded…

A desktop project doesn’t seem to work if the original photos folder or path is missing… so how can the downloaded project?

Can you please shed some insight? 



Hi Cesar,


The original images are contained in the “Input images” bundle. We don’t include them in the “export project” bundle because they can be very big to download and usually you already have them on your local computer.


Hope this helps,

Have a nice week,


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That is great to know. however if I allow someone else to download the project (a remote team member) they will not have the photos and only the low resolution thumbnails. Maybe it is a check box item to also download the original or hi-res imagery? 

If we do a report, sometimes we like to include the photos.

Thank you 

If a user can access the “export project” bundle, he should also be able to export the “input images” bundle.

Probably this is not satisfying as an answer. Do you mind to share with us your expected workflow so that I can elaborate a bit?

You are speaking about making reports, did you already tried our virtual inspector feature? you might be able to get what you need for your clients from there as well. If you save your inspection points, your customers should be able to download the associated images.