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Known Issues with Pix4Dreact opening?

I have a Pix4Dreact trial going, but on my govt laptop it had to be installed by our IT. It locks up upon entering my email and password. Starts to spin, then just stops. Have left it going for several minutes and it just does nothing. Has anyone experienced the same issue, and have a fix? I even tried creating a new user, with no luck.

I should add that my laptop meets or exceeds the posted computer requirements to run this software.

Hi @mrozburn,

Welcome to Pix4Dreact! We are glad that you got your trial license.
Could you tell me more about the issue you are experiencing?
Could attach a screenshot/video from the behavior or the software when you are trying to log in?
Is there any firewall on your gov internet connection that could impede the software to launch?
Could you please attach to your reply the log file?

< your windows user folder>\Pix4Dreact\Log so could be "C:\Users<windows user name>\Pix4Dreact\Log


Hi Marco,

Thanks for the quick reply. I found a file named “applicationLog” in the Log folder and am attaching it. Also, here is a screenshot of what the screen looks like when it freezes up.

I had to have an IT tech install it on my work laptop, so unsure if the firewall is catching it. I have an older Windows laptop running Win7 at home and may try the installer on it. I won’t be home much of today so not sure I can work on the troubleshooting from my end until Tuesday.

Rodger Ozburn

applicationLog.log (10.5 KB)

Hi @mrozburn,

Could you please share with us your work laptop specifications?
It might be related with your CPU or GPU. I recommend you to verify with they are all up to date.
And let us know if it has anyhow helped to solve your issue?
We do not recommend to use Pix4Dreact on Windows 7. It has not been tested. We cannot guarantee anything with this OS.