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KML - files gets detected but disappears after clicking Polygon mission...

When I click on a KML-File in my Phone (in whatsapp as attachment) - PIX4D-Capture starts. Which is nice.
Then I see a preview of the polygon. When I click on + to add a new mission I can select polygon mission for example…
But then nothgin happens - I do not see a preview of the actual polygon being planned…
What am I doing wrong? (polygon is of course not where I am currently based as I do not want to create a mission over my house :slight_smile:
Thank you for help!

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your interest in Pix4D solutions and reaching out to the Pix4D Community for help. The workflow you mention in your email (accessing at attachment KML via WhatsApp) may be leading to the difficulty. We offer a support article titled: Android import KML/KMZ file that provides the suggested workflow. Pleaset let us know if you continue to encounter issues with the suggested workflow.
Aaron Woods