just updated to latest version and UI words are messed up

Anyone seen this… dont think its language, since when try to change, the drop down doesnt say english anyway, its more messed up words. I did uninstall and reinstall and persists…

Thanks for posting. We had two other such reports for the latest version, we’re looking into it, but so far we’re puzzled. We’ll keep digging. We may ask for some more info here.

Hello Kevin, thank you for reporting this issue. If possible, could you try to install the Roboto fonts on your system, please?

For this you can do the following:

  • go to your PIX4Dmatic installation folder, and then to the fonts folder, e.g., “C:\Program Files\Pix4Dmatic\resources\fonts”
  • go to Roboto folder, select the font files, right-click on them and then click “Install” action from the context menu. It will install these fonts on your Windows system
  • restart PIX4Dmatic

Please let us know if it solves the issue

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Regular didnt seem to be installed and I did reinstall all the rest… but same result, not fixed

There a way to get latest minus 1 release so I can get running again ?

Hello Kevin, thank you for trying the fonts installation out. We will continue investigating.

For the previous versions of PIX4Dsurvey and PIX4Dmatic, they can be found at these Pix4D support pages:

So I just went back to 1.57.0 and I have the same issue again. Go back further ?

Hello Kevin, another option you can try is to rebuild the font cache on your system: this link explains the steps to do it Ways to Clear Font Cache on Windows and Mac [2024] , “Part 1: How to Clear Font Cache on Windows” → “Method 1 (Administrator privilege required)”. Please let us know if it helps

So that didnt work either. It would not let me delete lots of the files in that one font directory… I assume because they were in use but I followed the steps but didnt fix it.

I just went back to 1.54.2 and that works fine… so .57 and .58 seem to have some issues

Hello Kevin, thank you for trying to clean the fonts cache. Indeed, it might be that you couldn’t erase the files because they were used by the system. We will continue investigating, once we have a solution we will post it here.