PIX4Dsurvey 1.32 stable

Hi all,

You might have noticed that we released a bugfix stable release last week. If you are currently on 1.31, you might also have experienced some crashes. I apologize for those crashes. The main change in 1.32 is to fix those crashes, so please move to 1.32 if you are on 1.31.

Of course if you are on any other older version, I also recommend 1.32 as it contains feature updates from 1.31 and prior, as well as a change to the 3D scene that makes visibility more natural.

Another change that came recently was the option to select if you want to be notified about preview releases. By default, we’ll only notify you about stable releases, so go into Edit → Preferences and toggle “Software updates” to be notified about new Preview releases.

Questions? Comments? Let me know!


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