Issue with CPU Power Optimisation for Pix4D Matic

Attached the power usage issue i am facing. Pix4D magic has been using 99% of CPU and the graphics card is not sharing the load properly. The power usage is so high that the UPS is stopping the process in the middle. I have contacted Nvidia, they said its Pix4D software issue. I need some help with power optimisation for the CPU before my PC gives up. I am using AMD Ryzen 5950X processor, RTX 3070Ti.

Hi @rayavarapunani,

You have also opened a ticket with the Technical Support.
I have answered to you on a private message.


You must have a very small UPS. Max power draw for the 5950x is less than 150w. Your 3070ti will draw nearly 300w. You need a bigger UPS.

Thanks @Andrew_Milanes .When i run a project, the UPS triggers and stops the whole process. I have disconnected the Monitor from UPS and it. This time it was ok. Need to get an inverter.