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CPU-Usage is low in Step 1


i have a question to CPU-Usage in the Step 1 (calibration):

In some substeps the CPU ist running between 3 and 75 % with all cores, always going up and down. In some substeps only with 3 % and 1 or 2 cores! But never with 100 % and a constant power. The CPU ist a Threadripper 3960 with 24 cores.

The GPU (Quadro P2200) ist running with max. 12 %, i have already changed the nvidia setting to 3D GAME DEV in the settings and get the newest driver.

I have a fast SSD and 128 GB RAM - so were could be the bottleneck?

And does somebody has informations about the substeps of Step 1? I didn’t get the logic of “optimizing”, “optimizing with geoinformation” and so on.

I don’t understand why Pix4D is not running on 100% CPU-Power.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Ok, we got the “problem” solved.

When deactivating the GPU in the Pix4D-settings the processors are running in full speed. So the Quadro-GPU is the bottleneck in our system.

Maybe this Information is useful for somebody…

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Thank you for your feedback.

It is expected that the CPU is not running at 100% (in step 1) if a GPU is selected.
Are you also experiencing differences in processing time?
In many cases, the GPU can help speed up the processing, but all systems are different.

I hope other users could find this information helpful. :white_check_mark:

More information about PIX4Dmapper and GPU can be found here: