Is it possible to update individual images or group of images for a processed project

Hi all,

I run a test project made up of several different flights. One of them resulted in darker images. However, pix4dMapper resolved the model with accuracy and the large difference in picture exposition did not affect the DSM or orthomosaic accuracy. Some of the areas of the underexposed flight, though, appear too dark in the orthomosaic. I want to edit those particular pictures (wih XnView or Lightroom) and load them to the project. As image name and pixel location would be the same…there should be no problem to recompute DSM colour and orthomosaic using the calibration and DSM information from the previous project processing.

Does someone know if that is even possible?

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Hi Asier, 

There is a color balancing step during the creation of the orthomosaic, which must have compensated the colors between the underexposed and normal images. 

There is no way I’m aware of to import images only for the coloring of the orthomosaic (without them being taken into account for the previous processing). If you would like to replace some images, you would have to redo the processing with this new set of images. 

Note that if the coloring of the original darker images is good enough, you could consider using a planar projection on the problematic area. Or even check if a different ortho projection improves the area. More about these two edits here: