is it possible to overlay a map onto google maps

im trying to see if its possible to make a map from images the drone captures. Then overlay those images onto google maps. I am wanting my person in the field to be able to use the gps on his phone and walk straight to poi’s that he can see from the image overlay.

Hi @rreis,

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Then overlay those images onto google maps.

If you meant overlaying the orthomosaic after processing the images using PIX4Dmapper, you may overlay orthomosaic’s KML file in Google Earth and the HTML file in Google Map.

For more information:

Pix4D outputs with other software > by output - Orthomosaic
Applications with Google

Please remember to check Google Map Tiles and KML.

You shall be able to find them in the project folder.

I hope this helps.

Rosana (she/her)

Excellent feature.
Question then remains: how can you “watermark” those Google Tiles with a company logo &/or copyright sign?