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Is it possible not to synchronize photos after flight is over but to synchronize them at home?

I had issues today with synchronizing drone with app. It would be in the landing mode, and then bam picture failed to upload. Ok go to home screen, click on missions, click on mission, open and tap synchronize with mobile and a few more pictures would synchronize then it would fail and over and over and eventually it tells me to turn off the drone (wait a minute… I thought to synchronize pictures you could not turn the drone off?!) and then you reboot drone and it would sync a few more photos and then fail and it happened for every flight I did. 

If app is asking me to reboot drone… why do I have to sync photos right when it lands? Can I not fly multiple missions and go home and synchronize them via app and drone? 


In the main screen of the App you have a button in the upper right corner: “Settings”. Press it and you get into a window of several options, one  of them called “Sync automatically when mission ends”. By default is it clicked, but if you deactive it you  may solve your problem, beacause the syncronization will be done in other moment you choose. I am not sure, but I guess it is possible to syncronize some missions afterwards at home. Try it and tell us.


In this screen of Settings you have some other interesting options, such as mission speed, overlap level, angle of the camera, …