Free Flight Capture


When I press “stop” in free flight, the screen goes black and the app starts trying to sync photos even while the drone is flying! 

I had this happen when I had lost sight of my drone and I wanted to fly it home as quickly as possible. I thought my drone was lost, when I heard it overhead, and brought down safely. 

  1. It seems like syncing should only happen when the drone is on the ground. 
  2. It also seems like there should be a “return to home” button in the app when in free flight.  
  3. I assume that the drone uses the RTH and battery fail-safe settings from the Go app (and max distance, altitude and camera settings), but I didn’t see this in the documentation? 

Next time, I’ll try pressing the “pause” button to get out of photography mode, but it seems like a bad design.

(I’m using a Spark with Capture on Android. Pix4D is the only app that corrects the Spark’s crippled image geolocation information and free flight is the only mode supported on the Spark so I’m stuck with this setup until I get another drone…)




Hi Donald,

  1. As expected, as soon as a mission is stopped (Stop button), synchronization will start automatically, even if the drone i still in the air. You can disable this option the following way: Tap Settings > uncheck Sync automatically when missions ends.
  2. I have passed your suggestion for a “return to home (RTH)” button on to our product development team. In any case, you could also try using the “Home” button on the controller for the DJI Sparks drone
  3. You are correct, the RTH and fail-safe settings are set in the DJI GO app and our app does not overwrite them. Make sure the correct settings are selected in DJI GO before you fly a mission with our app.

I hope this helps!