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Iphone 12 Pro - Saving to Thumb drive

Anybody have issues saving project files to an iphone thumbdrive for a project that is more than 2000+ images?

Hello @restimo,

The issue was known in our old version. Are you still having the issue with the latest version 1.2.2? If you are using the older version, I would suggest you to update the app and retry saving the project.

Yep version 1.2.2 (16)

Hello @restimo, Are you also having an issue while exporting a small project or the issue is specifically for the larger projects i.e. more than 2000 images?

It seems that anything greater than 2000+ i get 0 files saved.


We are looking into this. One thing we might wondering if it could be a file size issue. Could you tell us the file system your external HD drive is formatted to? If it’s FAT-32, it has a maximum file size limit of 4GB, it may be possible that larger projects could reach this size.

Kind Regards,

George Brown

I’ll look into that and get back to you. Thanks.