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iPhone 12 Pro resolution

Just a little question: you wrote “So, the resolution of the acquired image is 1920x1440.” , referred to an iPad Pro 2020 with LIDAR. Well, is this resolution the same for my iPhone 12 Pro, bought a few days before?


Yes, nearly all models from Apple (iPhones and iPads) will have the same resolution in Pix4Dcatch. Some very early models that we support may have a lower resolution. The fixed resolution is due to a limitation in the technologies we are using and is essentially limited by the hardware makers.
Other factors may affect image quality depending on sensor quality and features, such as low light performance and autofocus speed. We’ve found the iPhone 12 Pros to be very good.

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George Brown

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Happy to hear that I’ve spent my money in a good device (iPhone 12 Pro 128 gb). Now I’m doing some experiences, using it, analyzing the results and comparing them with a previous acquisition of the same object (an ancient vase ) but made using an iPone X (without LIDAR). Stay tuned :wink: