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Ipad Pro vs Iphone 12 Pro for Pix4D catch

Can you tell me if there is any difference in the data acquisition of these two devices?

Background, I spent the weekend testing and Ipad Pro 12.9 in several different scenarios. I am wondering if there will be any performance or difference in how we aquire data.

More specifically:

  1. How does the difference in screen size affect data aquisition? (i.e, Can you just see a larger field of view or is the app gathering more data at a time.

  2. Is there any functional differences between the hardware that will affect the experience of using it.

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We’re still waiting on our iPhone 12 Pros for testing so the following is theoretical at this point, but I can tell you this.

The difference in screen size should not affect data captured, at least, it should be no worse than the iPad, there are maybe small differences in lenses and sensors, but we’re unsure yet as to precisely what.

Code wise, iPad and iPhone have exactly the same code, there are only small differences in the UI, eg popups on the iPad appear as full pages on the iPhone, icons are closer packed, etc.


George Brown

Hi Leonard,

super interesting to read about your experience with the ipad pro 12.9. We are also testing it with Pix4D catch and the results have been modest. The pix4D cloud model created from an office room was hardly recognizable. What is your experience so far?

@pix4d: are there any tipps how to capture the data with an ipad pro 12.9 latest generation and Pix4d catch to get the best results?

Thanks a lot in advance.


We already returned the iPad and ordered a iphone 12. We are awaiting delivery. We are hoping the iPhone will be more versatile, especially inside a vehicle.