Comparison of the accuracy of Iphone 12 pro, Samsung Galaxy A52 and Iphone SE

Hey I made a comparison between these 3 smartphones for an area and volume.
In this test, it looks like the accuracy of the iphon12 is the worst.

That doesn’t make any sense, how can this happen?

Hi 18.pix4d,

Can you provide further detail about how the tests were conducted? There are a lot of variables to account for, and I wonder what measures were in place to maintain an equal comparison. What are the known values being compared to? I think it is interesting to compare devices but could use further information.

I also wonder if one test is enough to determine whether one device is better than another.

In the meanwhile, I can prep the projects/data for comparison.


Hi Jon,

I have a defined pavement area of ​​5.0 m * 2.9 m. I recorded this 3 times with each phone. With each recording, I walked slowly around the area twice. The mean deviations from the target area were:

iPhone SE: -1.8%
Samsung Galaxy A52: 0.03%
Iphone S12 pro: 4.65%

I did the same with the volume.

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From the link you shared, I have downloaded and assembled the data, but are missing some projects.

For the lighter/smaller stockpile, I have 3 projects from each phone, and can begin to investigate here.
For the dark stockpile, I have one project for the Galaxy(1429553) and iPhone 12(1429664) but not the SE.
For the pavement, I only have three projects taken with the iPhone 12(1429654, 1429656, 1429658) but none from the SE or Galaxy.

Please send the remaining projects, I can provide a shared drive in private message if you need.



for the pavement you have to go to the 10th (Galaxy) and 13th (SE ) of February. Tell me If you still can’t find it.
I just use the dark stockpile as crosscheck - you can ingnore this one.



I would say that the data provided does not support your conclusion when comparing these devices. From what I can see it proves what we already know, foggy/hazy images are not as accurate as crisp/clear images.

It would be much better if the test were performed under the exact same conditions. I suspect with the same conditions and subject matter, all three devices would perform relatively the same. I would also suspect that there is enough texture in the scene to negate any advantage the LiDAR sensor would provide to the iPhone 12.

It appears that it could have been recently raining when the iPhone 12 data was captured. I can see fogging/haze in the images. Refer to the GCP target. This is consistent with water/fog/smear on the lens.

It is much clearer in the Android and iPhone SE captures:


iPhone SE:



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