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[iOS] Mission failure after changing batteries

Uploaded a gridded mission that required a battery change.  Matrice 200 and app functioned properly and when battery level reached ~20% drone returned home as it should.  Powered the Matrice down and swapped batteries, then powered back up.  Hit “Resume” but the Matrice didn’t return to where it stopped in the mission but resumed at a different location.  However, the drone only took random pictures from that point forward.  Once the mission flight plan was executed the drone returned to home.  This has now happened on two occasions in the last 7 days.  Please advise if there is a proper sequence of powering down/up the drone when battery swap is needed?



Hi Nathan,

There are more users asking a similar question and I suggest that we troubleshoot all of them in the following community post: [iOS] Resume mission after battery warning bugs out