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How to restart mission after battery change

Flying DJI Phantom 4. IOS (iPad Air)

Plotted a rather lengthy mission at low altitude (98ft; required 2 batteries). Mission reached about 70% complete. Battery reached 18% and P4 did what it’s supposed to - fly directly home and land (sweet). While battery was still on , I pulled it out and replaced it with a fresh battery. Turned the P4 back on and mission grid on my iPad reverted to the original start of the mission. No option to restart mission where I left off.

How do I restart mission where I left off after battery change?

Hi Paul,

the iOS version of Capture app is not supporting mission resume at the moment, but it will in future releases. It is in our pipeline and our developers are working on it.

A first implementation of mission resume has been introduced in the latest Android version (3.1.0). That means, when aborting a mission (e.g. because of low battery or bad flying conditions), the incomplete portion is saved so that it can be flown after (e.g. after changing the battery or waiting for flying conditions to change).