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battery question



I just would like to know if the large site mission (battery change and resume the mission) already implemented?

I see a post 1 year ago but I dunno whats happening if my battery run out…




Hello zsolt,

There’s a first implementation on the Android version of the app that allows to change the battery and finish the mission.
Please find more information here:

If low battery level is reached, your drone will return to the set Homepoint (Low Battery RTH) according to the Aircraft battery settings you specified in DJI GO application. When RTH is triggered, the mission is aborted and the incomplete portion is saved so that it can be flown later (e.g. after changing the battery). Anyway, Pix4Dcapture will inform you with a pop-up that battery level is low if it’s lower than 20%.

In case you need it, you will find more information about the Return to Home behaviour when low battery level/critical battery level is reached in the “Low Battery RTH” section of DJI manual

(e.g. for Phantom4:

Hope this helps,